How to keep your family Together

familyYour children are growing up and you’re wondering how it may affect your relationship with them. You know they need space, but at the same time, you want to keep your family together. In most deep-rooted families, they always have time for each other. They may have set a day, say Sunday that is purely dedicated to the family. On Sundays, or generally weekends, families go out together to enjoy a meal. Like is done mostly with my family on Sundays, I give them the best treat they may imagine, including booking Platinum Access Limousines as we go to have a good time together.

Family life has always been very stressful. It is a bit hard to keep the family together in a world where most families are falling apart. To keep family ties stronger, here are some practical ways to achieve it.


A key principle that God places in families is commitment. The word commitment simply means to give in charge or trust, in order to deliver for safekeeping. A family will be able to bond better if they are committed to each other. There are a lot of times married people do not feel like they are married anymore. However, they continue to be committed to their marriage. The first and most important thing families need to have is to show a high level of respect and commitment to each other.

Keep in touch

Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. You need to be there for your family when they need you most. You need to advise and listen to them keenly. Try scheduling Skype dates, regular call, and cafe meetups. You may need to turn to social media to share moments together with your family. Keep up with their life by giving them space as well as sharing moments together. You can get the whole family talking by creating a group text message and using it to share fun moments.

Learn from mistakes

You should let your family make mistakes and work on correcting these wrong in a productive manner. We are used to knowing and supervising everything that goes into our children’s lives. However, you must resist the temptation to call every day and solve even the tiniest problems for them. Let your kids decide on some matters for themselves, and correct them with love when they make mistakes. We can help them on their journey by stepping back a little bit and playing an observatory role.

Respect Boundaries

Relationships cannot be the same as each is unique from another. Perhaps you are best friends with your parents and you call them every day. However, you should not expect the same from your children.  Talk to your children about what you would like from your relationship and not just what you expect from them. Your children are trying to build their lives and you should not try to subject them to a lot of pressure. Respect the boundaries of your children as well as their personal space.

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