Advantages and Disadvantages of Building with Glass

glassWhen we talk about glass in buildings, many characteristics click our mind. Glass as a material is transparent, and this allows an abundance of daylight, passive heat gains, and expansive views. Every tall building you see around, you can hardly miss seeing some structural glass facade. Glass is one of the most sophisticated yet essential and versatile materials used in the construction industry.

Its extensive use helps in creating a very modern and hi-tech building. Glass is an also available in various types that have a different response to pressure. The advantages of building with glass are many and include the following;

Advantages of Using Glass in Buildings

The glass may absorb, refract or transmit light. It can also be made to be translucent or transparent depending with the intended use. All these additions help in adding extraordinary beauty and feel on buildings. Glass transmits up to 80 percent of the available natural light during the day. This transmission is done in all directions without yellowing, weathering or clouding.

The glass is also weather resistant meaning that it can withstand the effects of wind, sun, rain and other devastating weather elements. This resistance happens as glass retains its integrity and appearance. Glass doesn’t rust meaning that it will not lose its grade as a result of chemical or surrounding environmental effects.

panelsGlass has a smooth, glossy surface. This means that it’s dustproof and can be easily be cleaned. It allows natural light to enter a room even when the doors and windows are closed. It saves energy and lowers the electricity bills. Glass brightens up a room and brings out the beauty of a home and the most important part is that it boosts the mood of the occupant.

The glass is an excellent insulator against electricity. This means that it is not possible to conduct electricity if you are using glass as a medium. Glass is also available in a variety of colors. When it is combined in a glass of laminated sheets or just insulated units, it changes the color and decoration to make great patterns.

Glass can also be blown, pressed and drawn into different shapes making it an excellent choice for glazing purposes be it in buildings, doors, windows and front shops. Another critical use of glass is how it is used by shop owners to showcase their products. Glass is also stable over a wide range of temperatures making it ideal for various uses.


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