A Guide to Glass Types for Windows

glass panelsIf you are interested in new or a replacement window for your home, you will start by researching to ensure you pick the right type of glass for your needs. While choosing glass, you do not necessarily need to be an expert. However, there are basic elements and aspects you need to know, to have an easier decision.

Depending on your intention to use glass, there are some types you will go for and leave out the rest. In this guide, we provide you with different kinds of glass you need to know;

Float Glass

Float glass is among the most basic type of glass out there. It is a starting material that is used when processing to create laminated and toughened glass. Float glass has a high degree of light transmission. It can be built in different opacities and range of colors. It is an underlying sheet of glass before it is cut and upgraded in different frames.

Safety Laminated Glass

safety laminated glassLaminated glass is extra durable with security enhancements. It is created by infusing at least two panes around an inner layer of PVB, through a process that uses high heat and pressure to create a super strong panel. If you are looking for glass to put up in your frame that is secure, then safety laminated glass is the best option for you. It uses the laminated glass technology that you find on vehicle’s windshield and ensures that an object colliding with the glass doesn’t strike you.

Obscured Glass

When we talk about obscured glass, it is a type of glass that allows light to pass through, but cannot be seen through.  It is a patterned or frosted glass that blurs images and prevents the glass from being seen through. It is used in both domestic and commercial settings and often available in a textured pattern. It is commonly used in stylish aesthetics as a form of decoration. Another advantage is how it increases security through its obscured view.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is also known as tempered glass, a glass that is created using the thermal tempering process. Its structural durability offers ultimate safety glass. During the toughening process, its color, composition, clarity and light transmission capabilities do not change. Toughened glass is good enough to withstand high temperatures making it an ideal choice for splashbacks in the kitchen and bathroom area. It has a high resistance to breakages as the panels still stay together even when broken. However, note that this type of glass can’t be recut after it has been toughened.

Coated Glass

Coated glass comprises two panes of glass with space in between the units for insulation purposes. Its surface coating can be applied to alter the appearance and make the surface more scratch resistant.  Coated glass is used as it improves thermal insulation. The coating is designed to hold the heat in the cold weather and reflects the heat when its warm. This helps your home stay cooler in summer and warmer during winter.

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