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                               WORLD'S BEST DRY VACUUM WINDSHIELD REPAIR TOOL!!
                                          "We make windshield repair child's play"

    Glass Pro Systems will repair your windshield damage with the best windshield repair tool in the world.
    We also repair leather and vinyl automobile and truck seats and restore to original color!!
We only use the highest quality materials to return your seats to like new condition. We use factory
    dyes mixed to match your vehicle's original color.  

     For windshield repair we use our own designed and patented windshield repair tool.
      Our patent numbers are 6,485,281 and 6,663,371  Look them up on
      the official United States Patent Office web site: 
     Glass Pro Systems of ENC sells three grades of the finest windshield repair resins.  Please contact us at:
     1-252-649-0952 or 1-608-558-1375. or go to bottom of page to click onto our online store.

      NOTEAegis Tools International has bought the patent rights and now sells this tool.  There phone number is
      1-608-274-9254.  The tool has been renamed "Quick Silver"by Aegis Tools.

      For aid in training watch videos listed below on "You Tube".

      outperform any dry vacuum system advertised regardless of cla

      See our videos on you tube.  "Glass Pro Systems 
      windshield repair tools", annihilator bulls-eye repair", "annihilator star break".  "How the real pro's fix
      a windshield", "Professional Bulls-eye Repair with the Annihilator"," Windshield Repair next to
      edge of Windshield using the Annihilator
".  All repairs are in real time, in the field on real damage.
      Our competition shows repairs done on dry freshly broken glass.
      Our competition won't do live repairs on real damage because their repairs take too long and quality 
      suffers because of moisture problems.  As far as we know we are the only company that isn't afraid to
      demonstrate on real damage out doors in real time..

     Glass Pro Systems of ENC also offers expert repairs to automotive leather seats, vinyl seats and recoloring or restore damaged area to
     original color.  Don't reupholster your seats when they can be restored.  Most repairs are accomplished one about one hour, or less. 
     We repair cracked leather, burn holes, chatter marks, cuts and tears quickly and easily.  The only repairs we don't do are seams which
     come apart.  Prices vary according to degree of damage but our prices are fair and quality is high.

     Reasons to repair your vinyl or leather seats:

     Repairs are professionally done to have the look and feel of undamaged seats.

     Restore the value of your auto or truck prior to selling or trading in. 

     Extend the life of the seat. 

     Save big dollars compared to re upholstery

     Call today to set an appointment.  1-252-649-0952

                                     Annihilator: Patented                  
                                          Dry Vacuum                                                  
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Wet vacuum systems are totally obsolete.  Get the new Annihilator and start making real money!
      Set your company apart from the average repair facilities.  Annihilator gives you an unfair advantage.



      Glass Pro Systems of Eastern North Carolina.  We also polish out glass!!  We do leather and vinyl repair and coloring.
   online store.                                

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