How to keep your family Together

familyYour children are growing up and you’re wondering how it may affect your relationship with them. You know they need space, but at the same time, you want to keep your family together. In most deep-rooted families, they always have time for each other. They may have set a day, say Sunday that is purely dedicated to the family. On Sundays, or generally weekends, families go out together to enjoy a meal. Like is done mostly with my family on Sundays, I give them the best treat they may imagine, including booking Platinum Access Limousines as we go to have a good time together.

Family life has always been very stressful. It is a bit hard to keep the family together in a world where most families are falling apart. To keep family ties stronger, here are some practical ways to achieve it.


A key principle that God places in families is commitment. The word commitment simply means to give in charge or trust, in order to deliver for safekeeping. A family will be able to bond better if they are committed to each other. There are a lot of times married people do not feel like they are married anymore. However, they continue to be committed to their marriage. The first and most important thing families need to have is to show a high level of respect and commitment to each other.

Keep in touch

Communication is the foundation of any strong relationship. You need to be there for your family when they need you most. You need to advise and listen to them keenly. Try scheduling Skype dates, regular call, and cafe meetups. You may need to turn to social media to share moments together with your family. Keep up with their life by giving them space as well as sharing moments together. You can get the whole family talking by creating a group text message and using it to share fun moments.

Learn from mistakes

You should let your family make mistakes and work on correcting these wrong in a productive manner. We are used to knowing and supervising everything that goes into our children’s lives. However, you must resist the temptation to call every day and solve even the tiniest problems for them. Let your kids decide on some matters for themselves, and correct them with love when they make mistakes. We can help them on their journey by stepping back a little bit and playing an observatory role.

Respect Boundaries

Relationships cannot be the same as each is unique from another. Perhaps you are best friends with your parents and you call them every day. However, you should not expect the same from your children.  Talk to your children about what you would like from your relationship and not just what you expect from them. Your children are trying to build their lives and you should not try to subject them to a lot of pressure. Respect the boundaries of your children as well as their personal space.

Smart Ways to Keep your Home Safe

home securityThere are so many criminals all interested in breaking into your home. However, that doesn’t mean you are fighting a losing battle. The first step to ensuring that your home is safe is eliminating opportunities that attract crime. Just the way a business owner can install security cameras for a business like West Palm Beach Towing Service, same applies to set security systems in place for your home

The home is becoming more and more connected, and tons of devices are available to make it more convenient to control security in your home.  Mostly burglary and break-ins happen during the day when, most people are at work, school or running errands. There are plenty of ways to protect your home from burglary and invasion and here are the ideas;

Protect your home from outside

You need to walk around the exterior of your home and look for anything that may be susceptible to weakness. Survey your house with the eye of a burglar. If you can quickly tell that an area can be easily used as a breakthrough for invasion, then the thief will undoubtedly come with the same conclusion of attack. You may consider contacting calling your local police department to provide you with an assessment of any weak points.

The shrubs and flowers around your entrances and walkways need to be trimmed and kept in shape. This is to ensure that a thief doesn’t get a chance or place to hide during an attempted break-in. Build a fence as it can be essential in keeping unwanted visitors off your property. Some fence options tend to be more durable than others. Chain link and ornamental metal fencing tend to be a better and more preferred option.

Curtains and Blinds

Ensure that you make use of curtains on basements and garage windows. Chances are these areas do not necessarily need sunlight, but putting up curtains and blinds ensures that you reach the required levels of privacy and protection. Ensure that all window openings are fully fitted with their curtains and shades as well.

Install Motion Detectors

motion detectorsAt the entrances of your home, ensure that you install motion detectors and sensor lighting. This provides that you shine a spotlight on any potential intruder before they can touch your doors and windows. With additional lighting with motion detectors at all the entrances, all the dark corners of your house will be adequately lit up, hence enhanced security.

Know Your Neighbors

It is essential you get to know your neighbors. Crime tends to be a bit low in communities that are tightly knit. This is because neighbors are more likely to be looking out for each other and can easily spot a stranger. Your neighbors can be one of the most significant assets you have in ensuring that you are safe. They offer you vital and extra eyes as well as outside perspective. Additionally, you need to keep your yard and gardens free from tools, toys, and ladders that thieves can use to access your property.

How Bullet Proof Glass Works

bullet proof glassA bulletproof glass is a very different and complex type of glass compared to the ordinary types. A bullet resistant glass is made from multiple layers of sturdy glass that contain inter-layers of various plastics. At the first glass, a bulletproof glass looks ordinary to standard glass, but that is only where the similarities end.

Bulletproof glass is well-manufactured and engineered to withstand one to several rounds of bullets. It can resist these bullets depending on the thickness of the glass and the firepower of the weapon aiming at it. Different makers of this type of glass make various types of it. Basically, bulletproof glass is made by layering a polycarbonate material which is placed in between multiple pieces of standard glass in a process known as lamination.

The lamination process creates a glass-type material that is thicker than the ordinary one. Poly-carbonate is a very tough transparent plastic and makes an ideal choice for fitting in glass panels. A bullet resistant glass is generally between 7 mm and 75 mm in thickness. When a shot is fired at a victim covered under a sheet of bullet-resistant glass, it will pierce the outer layer of the glass. However, the layered poly-carbonate glass material absorbs the energy of the bullet and stops it before it can exit the final segment.

The thickness of the glass determines the ability and chances of a bulletproof glass stopping a bullet. A rifle bullet can collide with glass with a lot more force as compared to a shot from a short gun. This means that a more thick and stronger piece of bullet resistant glass should be used to stop a rifle bullet.

One Way Bullet Resistant Glass

Manufacturers also make one-way bullet resistant glass. With this type of glass, one side can stop bullets while the passenger’s side will allow bullets to pass through without strain. This type of glass gives a person being shot the ability to shoot back. To make a one-way bullet resistant glass, manufacturers laminate a brittle sheet of material using a flexible material.

The brittle material shatters around the point of impact and absorbs some energy across a large area. The flexible material then consumes the remaining power of the bullet to stop it. A bullet that is fired from inside the same car gets an easy access as it passes through the glass because the force of the bullet is concentrated over a minimum area.  This causes the material to flex, and bullet passes through to strike its target.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Building with Glass

glassWhen we talk about glass in buildings, many characteristics click our mind. Glass as a material is transparent, and this allows an abundance of daylight, passive heat gains, and expansive views. Every tall building you see around, you can hardly miss seeing some structural glass facade. Glass is one of the most sophisticated yet essential and versatile materials used in the construction industry.

Its extensive use helps in creating a very modern and hi-tech building. Glass is an also available in various types that have a different response to pressure. The advantages of building with glass are many and include the following;

Advantages of Using Glass in Buildings

The glass may absorb, refract or transmit light. It can also be made to be translucent or transparent depending with the intended use. All these additions help in adding extraordinary beauty and feel on buildings. Glass transmits up to 80 percent of the available natural light during the day. This transmission is done in all directions without yellowing, weathering or clouding.

The glass is also weather resistant meaning that it can withstand the effects of wind, sun, rain and other devastating weather elements. This resistance happens as glass retains its integrity and appearance. Glass doesn’t rust meaning that it will not lose its grade as a result of chemical or surrounding environmental effects.

panelsGlass has a smooth, glossy surface. This means that it’s dustproof and can be easily be cleaned. It allows natural light to enter a room even when the doors and windows are closed. It saves energy and lowers the electricity bills. Glass brightens up a room and brings out the beauty of a home and the most important part is that it boosts the mood of the occupant.

The glass is an excellent insulator against electricity. This means that it is not possible to conduct electricity if you are using glass as a medium. Glass is also available in a variety of colors. When it is combined in a glass of laminated sheets or just insulated units, it changes the color and decoration to make great patterns.

Glass can also be blown, pressed and drawn into different shapes making it an excellent choice for glazing purposes be it in buildings, doors, windows and front shops. Another critical use of glass is how it is used by shop owners to showcase their products. Glass is also stable over a wide range of temperatures making it ideal for various uses.


A Guide to Glass Types for Windows

glass panelsIf you are interested in new or a replacement window for your home, you will start by researching to ensure you pick the right type of glass for your needs. While choosing glass, you do not necessarily need to be an expert. However, there are basic elements and aspects you need to know, to have an easier decision.

Depending on your intention to use glass, there are some types you will go for and leave out the rest. In this guide, we provide you with different kinds of glass you need to know;

Float Glass

Float glass is among the most basic type of glass out there. It is a starting material that is used when processing to create laminated and toughened glass. Float glass has a high degree of light transmission. It can be built in different opacities and range of colors. It is an underlying sheet of glass before it is cut and upgraded in different frames.

Safety Laminated Glass

safety laminated glassLaminated glass is extra durable with security enhancements. It is created by infusing at least two panes around an inner layer of PVB, through a process that uses high heat and pressure to create a super strong panel. If you are looking for glass to put up in your frame that is secure, then safety laminated glass is the best option for you. It uses the laminated glass technology that you find on vehicle’s windshield and ensures that an object colliding with the glass doesn’t strike you.

Obscured Glass

When we talk about obscured glass, it is a type of glass that allows light to pass through, but cannot be seen through.  It is a patterned or frosted glass that blurs images and prevents the glass from being seen through. It is used in both domestic and commercial settings and often available in a textured pattern. It is commonly used in stylish aesthetics as a form of decoration. Another advantage is how it increases security through its obscured view.

Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is also known as tempered glass, a glass that is created using the thermal tempering process. Its structural durability offers ultimate safety glass. During the toughening process, its color, composition, clarity and light transmission capabilities do not change. Toughened glass is good enough to withstand high temperatures making it an ideal choice for splashbacks in the kitchen and bathroom area. It has a high resistance to breakages as the panels still stay together even when broken. However, note that this type of glass can’t be recut after it has been toughened.

Coated Glass

Coated glass comprises two panes of glass with space in between the units for insulation purposes. Its surface coating can be applied to alter the appearance and make the surface more scratch resistant.  Coated glass is used as it improves thermal insulation. The coating is designed to hold the heat in the cold weather and reflects the heat when its warm. This helps your home stay cooler in summer and warmer during winter.